Theujsi shines on YouTube as educator & entrepreneur

2 min readMar 30, 2021

Internet users in India are now more than 700 million, with the millennials redefining the virtual space in pursuit of their dreams. YouTube has emerged the favourite stopover for the millennials to hone and showcase their talents and innovations.

The novel Coronavirus has threatened to disrupt the normal ecosystem. But the pandemic couldn’t stop a new set of viral young stars across the world, who have shown to be ready to change the world with innovation and creativity.

Theujsi is India’s youngest YouTube educator and digital entrepreneur. He has demonstrated as a pioneer in the YouTube driven content industry. Theujsi has launched his new organization called ‘ Webude Media’. Webude Media services provide web and app development, search engine optimization, influencer and celebrity management, providing PR expertise, social media marketing, etc.

Hailing from Daltonganj, this young entrepreneur is providing latest tech news, gadget reviews, digital marketing, SEO tips, YouTube tutorials, blogging and much more. His expertise in the field has brought a refreshing change in the digital marketing industry.

Apart from being the founder of Webude Media, he also owns two other companies, which have been hailed as the highest turnover companies in digital marketing in India. With innovation and efficiency, Theujsi is excelling in providing the best services to clients. His services include bringing in unique ideas and digital strategies to enhance the online presence of clients by simultaneously increasing their brand valuee and awareness.

Theujsi is working hard with determination even during the tough times of pandemic to give his clients the best credible information and advice. He believes in taking advantage of every opportunity. He is among the rising YouTube educators and entrepreneurs in India. He is self made.

Originally published at on March 30, 2021.